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Hi, I'm Shifa Rahman. I founded Sranzie with the vision to make credible insights relevant to Indian market available on the one hand and be the vehicle to prepare undergraduates with necessary skills to excel in their career on the other. And with that intention, made comprehensive courses with creative content which is available below(for free). However, realized training is something I'm good at but barely interested in for full-time work whereas data analysis irrevocably grabbed my attention. I knew functional level of SPSS and advanced excel before I began Sranzie; and knew the importance of machine learning, though didn't register how fasicinating in-depth learning would get. The more I learn, the less it seems. Hence, I took a backstep from marketing Sranzie after extensive learning of Marketing analytics, Fb ads analysis, Google analytics, etc., and dropped the idea to form a DA team to build my comprehension of Machine Learning for DA & BI.

Realigned Vision

  • Make DA & BI affordable to small businesses.
  • Impact small businesses' revenue & expansion.
  • Benefit 1M individuals with 7-in-1 course.
  • Add value. Grow sustainably & together.

Our Services


Research to inform and empower the public and the organizations about the general trend, opinions, attitudes and issues shaping their decisions.

Professional Courses

Customized courses with curated and self-written content keeping holistic development in mind with practical insights, exercises and networking platform for students and professionals.


The outcome of our initiatives is circulated in the form of an e-journal on different platforms, nationally and internationally (if there was no objection to disclosure).

Professional Courses

7 Courses in 1

Get access to 7 courses which has 35 videos and materials on all important topics of communication skills to make persuasive communiation your second nature.

Click on learn more below to look at the array of topics designed by referring to 100s of quantitative & qualitative psychological insights.

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