About Us

Sranzie strives to be the vehicle for success for the organizations and people through our quality and contemporary initiatives. From inception to foundation, what has driven us is not the romantic idea to make a difference but to simply succeed by creating success stories with our services.

Why Choose Us?

  • Born out of a decade’s observation of the market
  • Commitment to add significant and game-changing value
  • Convert the ever confusing career journey into an understandable roadmap
  • More than 100% ROI
  • Chosen by trusted brands
  • Our reach in different countries
  • One-stop solution for RL&D
  • Transparent & inclusive culture

Our Services

Career Assistance

Our career counselors guide, assist and empower students & professionals in formulating a plan to explore career choices suitable to your aptitude and experience.

Professional Courses

Customized courses with curated and self-written content keeping holistic development in mind with practical insights, exercises and networking platform for students and professionals.


The outcome of our initiatives is circulated in the form of an e-journal on different platforms, nationally and internationally (if there was no objection to disclosure).



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